NTFS Recovery Toolkit

NTFS Recovery Toolkit 14.0

Restore all data on your hard drive

NTFS Recovery Toolkit is actually a suite of tools designed to help you analyze and recover lost or damaged files and partitions on NTFS drives. It offers you four different applications, two of them devoted to provide you with technical information about your disks (Active Disk Editor) and partitions (Active Partition Manager), and two more to help you recover damaged or deleted files (Active File Recovery) and NTFS partitions (Active Partition Recovery).

Active Disk Editor and Active Partition Manager are two free tools that you can also download and use as standalone programs from LSoft’s site. These can be described as diagnostic tools, which you can use to locate and analyze any problems regarding files and partitions on your NTFS drives. Active Disk Editor will show you the most comprehensive information about each sector on your physical disks, partitions, and files. The template view of its “Data Inspector” will help you to interpret and edit this exhaustive information, shown both in binary and text forms. Active Partition Manager deals with partitions and logical drives mainly. This utility allows you to format, create, and delete partitions and logical drives without rebooting your system. It also lets you change the attributes of a given partition, as well as format Flash memories as NTFS drives.

Active File Recovery and Active Partition Recovery, however, will perform a deep scan of your drives looking for damaged, deleted, or even formatted partitions and files, and will offer you the possibility of recovering them. They both support large disks (larger than 2TB) and come with an improved set of Extended Scan algorithms. On one hand, Active Partition Recovery can even restore the partition table and the boot sectors from damaged backups. On the other hand, Active File Recovery offers you also an Active Organizer, a useful utility to rename your recovered files and to keep them neatly organized.

This toolkit or suite of products is much more than just a data recovery tool – it provides with an insight of the deep structure of your disks and partitions.

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  • Attractive set of interfaces with intuitive designs


  • The free version provided as trial supports manual mode recovery only
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